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MEGAFARM, Egg Production and Distribution

MEGAFARM, SA is an egg producer & distributor operating in the Greek market nationwide since 1992. As of today, MEGAFARM owns and operates four poultry farms with facilities using the latest technology, equipment and safety standards. They are located in suitable areas in Megara and Rhodes island. Our yearly production is 75 million eggs.

The production, packaging and distribution by a privately owned truck fleet is ensured by the food hygiene management system according to the international standard ISO22000. The company also has certification from DIO for Organic Eggs and from Agrocert for Extra Fresh Eggs.



Baby Eggs

Omega 3

Free Range Eggs

Fresh Eggs

The Eggspert - MEGAFARM Ο ειδικός στο αυγό

MEGAFARM The egg specialist

Our active presence in the market and in the production - standardization of every type of egg for the last 30 years has taught us every secret to produce properly and quality a food of high nutritional value!
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