Nutritional Value of Eggs

Proteins are made up of smaller units, the amino acids. All important amino ac-ids are found in the egg at very important levels, which is why egg protein is recognized for this property.
Proteins are very important for the formation of new cells and the regeneration of dead cells. During the growth period the needs for adequate protein cover-age are particularly high. Therefore children, adolescents, pregnant women and nursing mothers have the greatest needs.

An egg gives us about 6 grams of excellent quality protein.


Iron is needed to make and regenerate red blood cells. Insufficient iron intake causes anemia, a common condition in women and especially in adolescence where the need for iron is high.
Eggs are a very good source of iron. Each egg yolk contains 1.2 mg of iron as much as a lamb chop or 4 dried apricots. Iron is better absorbed when we take vitamin C together. Remember when eating eggs or foods with iron to accom-pany them with a glass of orange juice or a fruit or vegetable for better iron ab-sorption.


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