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    Organic eggs from hens that live and feed in the natural environment. The breeding of birds is done from certified selected organic foods. The eggs are then collected in the facilities of MEGAFARM where they are checked, certified, packaged and distributed according to the high standards of hygiene and food safety with the quality guarantee of MEGAFARM. Organic eggs provide our body with energy and ingredients of high nutritional value such as protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins, which we need daily. The eggs are distributed exclusively by MEGAFARM, which with many years of experience in the egg, continues to grow successfully and stands out as a company in the SPECIAL EGG.
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    Category Α
    Size Medium
    Weight 53 -63 gr.
    Package 4, 6 eggs
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    Egg Production & Trade
    39th km of New National Road Athens - Corinth
    TH: 8, T.K. 191 00 MEGARA
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